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My name is Rachel and I volunteer at a community center with a program for kids.  In the coming weeks we are going to have a “Grandparent Appreciation Day,” where the kids invite their grandparent(s) to come for the day to receive special awards, play games, and participate in other fun activities.

One of the girls, Sara, shared with me that her grandmother lives alone and has a difficult time doing some things that, in her words, “her and her parents don’t”.  I came across a campus library of helpful links (which, unfortunately, is no longer online as of March 2021) while exploring information online that Sara could use to suggest to her parents and grandmother that might make their lives a bit easier.  I want to say thank you!

Sara really impressed me when she found an article on her own, so I suggested that she could really help a lot people if she were to share it –  It has a lot of great information about safety around the home for elderly individuals.

Would you please add a link to the page for her?  Even if it is just for a little while, I think it would be very useful to your website visitors and Sara would feel so proud to see that you included it on your page.  I will also be able to share this with her grandmother at our event which would be a special moment for both of them.  Please let me know if you’ll add it!

Thank you very much in advance!