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Do you know any seniors that have Alzheimer’s? This condition is very daunting for those that have Alzheimer’s and their loved ones. It may be difficult to discover activities you can do together. Patience and understanding are two things that will help you. Here is a list of activities that can be stimulating and engaging to a senior with Alzheimer’s. 

  1. Singing songs or playing music.
  2. Working on puzzles.
  3. Reading the newspaper.
  4. Doing arts and crafts, such as painting.
  5. Watching family videos.

If you try one of these activities and they don’t want to do it, then make sure to be flexible. Give them a moment to recover. Ask them what they want to do instead. It’s all about kindness and patience. These are just a few activities that are engaging. Do they have their own hobbies? There are many simple activities that they do every day that you can do together. It’s important to understand their routines and how they feel comfortable.

Alzheimer’s causes patients a lot of anxiety. You are better off trying to reduce that anxiety if you can. If they get frustrated try to take a step back. Try to do another task or just talk to them. Activities they once loved can sometimes become frustrating after the onset of Alzheimer’s. Taking a pause from an activity and just talking to them to keep their mind off it can help. If you can help them stay calm and relax, then they can start to lead happier lives.