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It’s an old cliché, but it definitely holds true: the holidays really are all about friends and family. This holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect with your loved ones and the people who have had a positive impact on you and your life. However, for thousands of Americans this holiday season, the holidays aren’t quite so happy.

Many suffering from chronic illnesses and pain find it difficult to get out and visit with family and friends. For them, the thought of shopping is a nightmare. That’s where GoldLeaf HomeHealth comes in. Our team of professionals can help to make your holidays brighter and more joyous this year.

Dealing With Your Holiday Shopping List

For many people with chronic health problems, the idea of going to a busy shopping mall during the holidays is a monstrous undertaking. For some, it is physically impossible to get out of bed and travel to do shopping. For others, the requisite IVs, breathing equipment, and other medical supplies make travel difficult.

Even those who are mobile in wheelchairs may have to take so many supplies with them that it is not feasible to try to haul all of that through a crowded shopping center. This doesn’t even take into account the fatigue that many experience which prolongs the shopping experience and makes it pure torture.

We Can Do The Shopping For You!

For those that need help getting around shopping, there are options. GoldLeaf HomeHealth can help transport you and your medical equipment and assist you as you move around the shopping mall checking things off your holiday shopping list.

If you are unable to leave your home to go to a shopping center (or if you would like to avoid the stress of the busy shops), GoldLeaf can help. We can do the shopping for you, going the extra mile to go out and track down the items that our patients need so that they will not feel left out during the holidays.

Do you have a Christmas dinner coming up? A family gathering to prepare for? We can also help with event and party planning, as well as supply shopping to make sure your festivities go off without a hitch.

Buy and Hide Children’s Presents With Help

Another issue for many people during the holidays is childcare. Taking a child along with you to shop can be rough, especially if you are trying to hide “Santa’s gifts” from them. GoldLeaf offers assistance with childcare to ensure that you can give yourself more time to take care of your holiday shopping list.

Our December Cause

One other part of our commitment to you and your health is our December Cause. We want to remind everyone that the holidays are a prime time for colds and flu. As you are spending more time with people, it is much easier to pass germs back and forth. December is National Influenza Vaccine Month. This December, give yourself the gift of good health by getting your flu shot so that you don’t become sick during the holidays.

GoldLeaf believes that the best place for individuals to receive medical care and support while recuperating from illnesses and surgeries is at home. We are committed to providing high quality, in-home healthcare. The comfort and familiarity of the home aids in the healing process making for speedier recoveries.

At GoldLeaf, we are committed to giving back to our community. We want to share the GoldLeaf way of thinking this holiday season, and help you or your loved ones enjoy time spent with family without any stress. We want to help those who are disabled or recovering to have a healthier and happier holiday season.