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If you have ever suffered a severe physical injury, then you know that the pain of the injury is often secondary to the lingering pain of physical recovery. Physical therapy can be a long, drawn-out process that puts a lot of strain on a person. But it is very important you stay active and regain strength after you are injured or have surgery. This will prevent mobility issues and pain management problems down the road. GoldLeaf Care (GLC) offers physical therapists that can help strengthen the body, reduce pain, and improve and restore mobility after injury or surgery.

What is a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist is a health care professional who uses various exercises to help patients recover from severe injuries. These exercises help mediate pain, but mainly are intended to help improve patient mobility. A physical therapist’s job, ultimately, is to help a patient be able to recover and be as active as possible following surgery or injury. They will assess a patient’s abilities based on their injury. Next step is to assign a regimen of exercises to help with lack of flexibility and also to help them be able to complete normal daily tasks.

Home Evaluation?

Another aspect a physical therapist can help with is to assess a patient’s home environment to determine if the home is safe for the patient to return to. Lots of patients who have suffered an injury are at a high risk for falls. Physical therapists can help to decrease the fall risk and transition the patient back into the home. In many cases, a patient may not have the mobility to return home immediately and may have to stay in a rehabilitation center until they improve. A physical therapist will help to make this determination and then will work with the patient to ensure that they can get around the home comfortably and safely.

Working With a Physical Therapist?

There are a few things that you need to do once you begin working with a physical therapist. One of these is to set physical goals for yourself. The therapist can help you set these goals and give you a daily regimen helping you to meet these goals. It’s helpful to understand this process will take time and it will be frustrating. Not only will you have to relearn how to do certain things, but the pain involved in doing the exercises will also discourage you and make you feel that you aren’t making any progress. The important thing to realize is that the long-term benefits will greatly outweigh the pain and frustration you are experiencing.

Physical therapy can be very trying, but the benefits are vast. It is is vitally important that you go through with the program so that you can live as full a life as you did before the injury. Recovery times vary, and a physical therapist is there to help your body recover. GoldLeaf Care professionals can help you with the transition home and also ensure that your therapy is a success for you.