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“This month, we acknowledge the dedication and compassion of all those who work to improve their family members’ lives, and we renew our commitment to supporting them in their labor of love.” This caption from a presidential proclamation issued this year. These are powerful words and the month of November is dedicated to those who have chosen to care for a loved one 24/7.

Caregivers Provide A Labor of Love

It is hard to believe that over 44 million caregivers assist their loved ones with daily essential tasks, bathing, dressing, managing finances, and administering medications. That’s also including, arranging and providing trips to doctors’ visits. It is a service born of a deep love that is always provided with patience, compassion and sacrifice.

In November, we honor those who have made the choice to provide care for a loved one. Help and support is always available and know that additional professional knowledge or just someone to talk to can ease the burden. There are limits to what someone can accomplish even with tremendous strength and perseverance. The accumulated value of the unpaid care they provide is estimated to be worth $375 billion. (National Alliance for Caregiving)

We Can Help

We can assist by providing CarePartners. At GoldLeaf we make it easy for by verifying work history, credentials, and references and we perform intense background checks. Our healthcare professionals undergo a through interview process. This includes written testing, and hands-on skills assessments before hire. Annual skills assessments with ongoing training and supervision after hire are a must. Each of our candidates must demonstrate a commitment to delivering care with compassion, communication, integrity, and grace—The GoldLeaf Way.