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There’s a term that many people are familiar with called “cabin fever.” Generally speaking, it’s the mental discomfort from being in one place for too long. While most people who suffer from cabin fever won’t turn into Jack Nicholson from The Shining, they can still suffer some degree of mental anguish.

But cabin fever isn’t just a problem for recluses snowed into a cabin during a blizzard. It happens every day to people who cannot leave their homes because of medical conditions. Anyone who is a shut-in will tell you that it’s a long day when you’re alone with no relief from the tedium.

Twenty-four Hours and Counting

For those who are confined to their homes because of age, physical infirmity, or personal injury, there’s hope in the form of home care professionals who are able to offer a variety of services that go above and beyond the call of nursing or medical care.

If you’re a patient who needs a breathing apparatus or some other complicated medical device, you may feel like your days of leaving home are limited. But this doesn’t have to be the case. A personal care worker can assist in helping you get out of the house. They are trained to properly load and support the medical equipment that you need and can take you to doctor’s appointments. But they can also get you out of the house for a day of sunshine and social interaction—the mall, local parks, shopping centers, and restaurants are all possibilities.

Dinner Anyone?

Adding to issues shut-ins have is unhealthy eating. If they are unable to cook nutritious meals, many will resort to instant dinners and microwave fare or delivery food. A home health worker can carry out errands such as picking up groceries and help prepare nutritious meals. Compassionate trusted in-home care partners will also spend time with the patient while they eat, making the meal a social one so that the patient doesn’t have to deal with eating alone.

A Tender Touch

One of the biggest services that home health workers offer is just having someone to talk to. Spending your day shut-in and unable to communicate with others can cause serious depression and anxiety, two issues that can only complicate existing health conditions. Our healthcare partners meet our high standards of honesty, integrity, reliability, dedication and thoughtfulness.

With a friendly smile the home health professional delivers an essential addition to healthcare—social interaction. Offering this in the home is important because it gives patients the comfort of familiar surroundings without the cold, clinical setting of a hospital or personal-care home.

GoldLeaf Care is dedicated to offering patients a full range of support where they most need it. By providing access to trained professionals who can take care of their medical needs, patients are provided the best hospital care in their own home. But the level of care doesn’t end with medicine. It also extends into social interaction to alleviate the tedium of being cooped up inside the home.