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Some patients who are chronically ill have their symptoms hidden, tucked away inside and not easily perceived. It seems that during the holiday season many people are struck by emotions that are out of their control and feel isolated from sharing in festivities.

The time beginning at Thanksgiving through New Year’s involves much stress and anticipation. But there are ways to cope if you are chronically ill, going through treatment, or dealing with depression. These are times when compromising and prioritizing events come into play.

Set Time Limits For Chronically Ill

If you are visiting an entire day can be long and full of different foods, lots of socializing and excitement. You can steal away for some restful moments to re-energize and refresh your spirit. People understand if you are visiting and ask to use a quiet place for a while to rest. Then you can socialize for the amount of time that enables you to handle the situation.

Some health issues provide limitations on your ability to participate that you need to share so that you can enjoy the holiday spirit as best as possible. It is best to be honest about your limitations, and you might need someone to prompt you to lie down for a bit. Of course, pacing yourself is a personal responsibility.

Gift Sharing or Cooking

It’s possible that in the past you were the hostess with the mostess. Well, that changes when you are recovering from an accident or illness. It may be hard to step back, but it is a situation where you should. It can also be a time to lower your standards for gift giving. There are times where all you can do is be present and show up. It is interesting to discover that you have held yourself up to particular standards that you have difficulty adjusting.

Make a Holiday You Are Capable of Celebrating

Even though your body longs for a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, most people make an effort to join festivities. Sometimes we need to have holidays revolve around us at home, with just a sprinkle of spirit. In many situations, overdoing and overextending can be a setback to recovery and that can spoil the joy.

Be mindful of all that is going on around you. Stay tuned to how you really are feeling behind the smile. There are situations that mindfulness can prompt you aware of the fact that your body is sending a message and requires some rest. Use mindfulness so you can choose an action of self-protection and you cannot handle anymore and am truly tired of the events. Of course, being with family is much more comfortable and provides lots more compassion.

Go Easy on Yourself

Some of us who are feeling really ill during the holiday season feel guilty and need some form of self-compassion. If you cannot manage to see all of your family in one day or cannot cope with huge gatherings be gentle with yourself and manage the guilt by being compassionate to your personal needs.

Of course, it may be that you need assistance during this time so you can stay at home and have your family visit you. You might arrange in-home care that will make life for you so much more comfortable and give you a stress-free happier day. It might be the essential tool you need to survive the demands of the holiday season along with some marshmallows and hot chocolate.

*Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels