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We are well aware that life can be difficult, sickness, an accident or surgery can be life altering. Those are occasions when life can get rough. These are some occasions when people need more than a hug; they need some emotional and physical support.

Empathy Not Sympathy

The first thing is we need to validate and acknowledge their feelings while trying to remain positive. This can sometimes be difficult to do. But, there are other things that are free to give that are powerful and memorable. We can decide to take them for a daytime outing; a walk in a park can do wonders for someone who has little ability to go off on their own. Sharing a laugh over lunch, or preparing their dinner, a movie night or a spa experience can work wonders for someone who is dealing with ongoing health issues.

Helping others going through a bad time can be helpful for you too. Then you might choose to spend a day doing random acts of kindness to boost your positive energy too. There are many charities that gather toys for children with specific medical issues and some that donate for needy families. Local children’s hospitals also participate in donations. Charities in your area that are participating can be found online.

Share Joy

The holiday season helps to promote the joy of giving, of sharing and trying to make life just a bit better for those struggling through each day. So it is during this time that we should attempt to lend a hand in small ways to those who need it most.

You can offer to cover for a constant in-home caregiver, give them an afternoon to shop or pamper themselves. Bring them some food to help offset their ongoing chores. If someone is ill or recovering, offering to read to them can be a wonderful experience. Take them for a car ride; offer to go food shopping while they recover, surprise them with some cheerful flowers or bring some soothing music they can listen to. If they have a pet you can offer to care for them for a short time or possibly walk the dog when they are feeling especially bad.

Keep Life Upbeat

Try to keep spirits high for someone dealing with medical issues and recovery. Remember that those suffering from chronic pain have difficulty feeling upbeat. It is up to those around them to try to keep communication open and thoughtfully compassionate. We can help too because at GoldLeaf we are committed to creating a better home care model. All GoldLeaf employees share the same commitment to one unique philosophy. We believe our clients and their families deserve home health care with compassion, communication, integrity, and grace.

So extend a helping hand to those in need as often as possible. In the long run, you help yourself.