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Our doctors write a prescription for medications that will help ease symptoms and manage our medical problems. Each and every prescription is specific and prescribed for a reason and their importance should be understood by the patient. If struggling with disease, accident or a long term condition it is imperative to make sure medications are administered correctly.

Medication Non-Adherence

Medicine adherence means taking your medicines as directed. In every situation, adherence matters and chances are this isn’t the first time that you are hearing about how important it is to take medication correctly. Now we are aware that taking them correctly is essential to good treatment. So how to you get on the path of adhering to the specified treatment? Your pharmacist is trained to provide good advice and they usually encourage asking questions about the drugs prescribed.

Cost, side effects and forgetfulness are just a few reasons why people may not take their medication as prescribed. Then there is the chance symptoms seem to be better so some patients just stop. Maybe some side effects are troublesome too. However, always ask your doctor before stopping or changing the way you take any medication because adherence assures the maximum beneficial impact of the medicines you take.

Your Pharmacist and Your Health Care Team

Working with one pharmacy has many benefits. They can help you manage your refills and check for possible drug interactions. So, try to keep things simple. A talk with your doctor or pharmacist can help if you inquire about how to simplify your medication schedule. You want to be able to keep track of everything and wrap your medication schedule to your daily activities so it eventually becomes a habit. Coordinate prescription refills and schedule the timing of when you obtain medications you take on an ongoing basis. It helps to align refill dates so that you can pick up all of your medications at the same time each month.

Pharmacists have special training to help you manage and improve your health. They work with your health care team. A pharmacist can alert your doctors if they separately prescribe medicines that interact badly with another. A pharmacist can also consult your doctor and advocate for you if you’re struggling with taking your medicines that have unpleasant side effects.

Your Prescription…What’s Next?

Download a medication reminder or pill reminder app, make a printed pill reminder sheet or calendar. Write down your prescription medication schedule. Explore reminder tools or products that will work best for you. Then some patients request adherence packaging, where doses are packaged together in blister packaging. Many people rely on weekly or monthly pill-holding containers. If you do move your medicines to a pillbox, be sure to keep the original packaging. That will give you a quick reference on correct dosing information and instructions.

Remember that a lack of prescription medicine adherence and compliance can lead to complications. On an individual level, not taking your medicine as prescribed might lead to longer or more serious symptoms. It might not provide the relief it is intended to. So. if you have any challenges with taking your medication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist because he or she may be able to give you some options

We Can Help

An in-home health aide can help if you are struggling with prescription adherence. GoldLeaf Medical Care providers are highly trained, licensed nursing professionals. Each nurse or LPN on our team must have several years of clinical experience beyond their stringent nursing degrees. GoldLeaf then goes even beyond that, requiring in-home care training so our medical providers understand the loving culture that embodies all care we offer – on every level, every visit. Whether you need a home health aide or registered nurse, our care team is made up of warm and caring men and women who have dedicated their lives to providing the best in medical care while also often becoming our clients’ trusted friends.

*Medical Advice Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for professional medical care. Always seek the advice of your physician or other health provider for any questions you may have regarding your medical condition and follow your health care provider’s instructions.