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Ever consider home health care while recovering from surgery, an accident or caring for a sick child? There are many misconceptions about the home health care industry that prevents many of those in dire need to consider a care partner. It might be time to dispel some of these myths and open yourself to the option that could change your life for the better.

Seniors do make up the majority of home health care patients but there is a large range of other situations that can be suited for assistance. Major surgery, childbirth or accident can create an urgent emergency requiring extra assistance. Some of these situations are short term and no longer necessary after recovering from whatever has caused this special need. So, it is often an ‘as needed situation’ that usually prompts clients of any age to seek care partners.

Our Family and Friends

Most often care partners develop a close relationship with their clients. They are also dedicated to keep family and friends connected. They help an elderly patient keep in touch with loved ones using modern communication platforms. We all need to understand the importance to maintain family and friends relationships and how this helps speed up recovery time.

How Home Care Works For You

So now that it’s explained it is obvious that home health is not only about elderly clients. There are so many reasons why it should be an option if you are dealing with a wide range of health issues. Be open to understand the many reasons why people may need to receive care at home. Some are recovering from surgery, or have a chronic condition or disability that requires ongoing care. Others need certain therapies or could use some assistance with activities of daily living. GoldLeaf Care provides these services to children and adults of all ages.

How We Can Help…

GoldLeaf offers a broad range of home health care services to clients in the comfort of their own homes. Just to get an idea, we offer nursing care for short-term or ongoing care needs, ranging from basic wound care after surgery to complex, high-tech care. Along with these services we have options for rehabilitation and therapeutic services including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Some of our assistive care services help clients with self-care needs and household tasks so they can continue living independently at home.

GoldLeaf specialty practices include Home Health, Adult Nursing, Assistive Care, Child Care, Speciality Illness Care