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Given the power of choices can be empowering to say the least. Because having the power to choose can bring positive changes to the care of your loved ones, caregivers should have a voice. Every health situation is unique and each caregiver has to rise to specific challenges. The trick is to keep the lines of communication open in every situation.

In a 2009 National Alliance for Caregiving/AARP survey of nearly 1,400 caregivers, discovered that 44 percent of respondents said that in their caregiving role that lacked choice. Not in the tasks but in every direction, there was no choice. Giving your caregiver some control enables them to raise standards of care, set limits on their time and alleviate stress.

Most times the best avenue is to make a conscious choice to provide care for a loved one. Mounting responsibilities can be burdensome that’s why it must be an intentional choice of free will. This choice is best made for positive reasons and not because there is no one else. Caregiving can be a grueling 24 hour a day existence or can be one where you find there are others you can occasionally lean on. This sharing of responsibilities can be invigorating and provide breathing room.

Choose Chores

The best avenue is to get someone to help with housekeeping tasks or cooking. This alleviates some chores and can manage to give a caregiver some time to read, sew or relax. Choices are what gives your caregiver this privilege to decide what they would like to focus on and tackle on their own. What about having a home health aide bathe the patient a few times a month? That bit of time might well be what is needed to enhance and define the commitment without the feeling of being obligated.

Change of Plans

Caregiving plans change and evolve because of the length of care required. The plan should be fine-tuned periodically. Sometimes new problems arise out of nowhere. That’s when the caregiver might have to ramp up, pace themselves and balance the problems at hand. It also might be time to consider new resources.

Providing continuous transport to doctors for tests can become a tremendous responsibility. Having some flexibility over this situation can be helpful. Sometimes things come up in conflict and a caregiver might have to juggle dates and time. But if given the choice to find alternative gives breathing room and lessens the stress. This gives older or disabled people the chance to remain socially connected and, or cared for by their physician.

GoldLeaf Care can help to keep loved ones safe, provide transport, help around the house, grocery shopping. There are so many ways to support a caregiver and we do it with compassion and uncompromised values. GoldLeaf Home Health Care is revolutionizing the home care industry to provide greater individual independence and quality of life at all ages.