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Dear Nurse or Healthcare Professional:

This year has brought unthinkable hardship for long term nursing facilities. Covid19 has devestated more residents’ lives than we could have ever imagined. And it was sudden, it was cruel, it was quick, stealing the lives of our most vulnerable individuals.

We should have known, but many facilities were unprepared for the unexpected and accelerated onslaught of the pandemic. It literally caught us with our pants down. In most states, long term care and nursing facilities are reviewing their staffing shortages and infection control policies while struggling with the probability of bankruptcy.

Many long-term providers have been concerned about nurse and staffing shortages asking lawmakers to help them find viable solutions to these caregiver shortages. They seek to understand how these critical shortages will impact patient health within the healthcare ecosystem. Legislation has been denounced that was aimed at setting minimum staffing requirements instead of addressing the nursing shortages. We are all in agreement that optimum staffing is essential to providing nurturing, quality patient care.

This pandemic has been a game changer as long-term care communities emerged as hot-spots for coronavirus infections and deaths. The industry was already reeling from a shortage of nurses before this pandemic hit. So, it is on this note that we continue to strive towards further appreciation of our dedicated direct care staff.

A Promise to Our Staff

At GoldLeaf Care we have been applauded by our field team because of the protective measures we embraced during the coronavirus pandemic to safeguard our staff. We ensured that they are equipped with all necessary PPE to keep them healthy. We have been recognized in the community for excellence in the way we’ve shown respect to our staff during this pandemic. Our reputation is highly respected and we adhere to all CDC guidelines. We provide extensive training programs and cutting-edge technologies that empower all hands-on caregivers to fulfill both personal and professional ambitions. As an integral member of our team, we join together to fulfill our promise to our patients and make an impact in their lives!

In order to revolutionize the home health care industry and provide greater individual independence and quality of life at all ages we are always seeking those members who exhibit genuine compassion and uncompromising values. We are hiring CNAs, Caregivers, RNs, LPNs, Therapists and Clinical Social Workers to serve patients and clients who live throughout the greater Denver and Boulder metro areas, so they might find fulfilling work opportunities close to their home that fits each individual passion, skills and schedule.

The Essential Nurse

So, as the demand for home health care staff continues to grow at a rapid rate, we are attempting to fill in the gaps with educated, innovative and professional personnel, who choose to make an impact on other lives. This ensures that all of our clients are able to safely live at home with comfort and independence while continuing to participate in their communities.

GoldLeaf Home Health is committed to only hire the very best caregivers! How can we do this and make this claim? Simple really. We offer them more – more support, more training, more benefits, more love.