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There is magic in the way physical therapy works. In every instance there are significant levels of hands on assistants that offer care during any station. This can be after long term illness, surgery or elder care, there are different levels of care. In home care many of the most recent struggles throughout this health crisis remain out of public view, but physical therapy remains top of the list.

Physical therapy can help seniors maintain independence for much longer than ever. It is imperative when recovering from any injury, it can also simply help slow the aging process. Doctors find physical therapy vital to full recovery. In many instances therapy can help reduce chronic pain. Physical therapists often design fitness programs that fit individual needs and abilities, helping them remain active and gain strength. There is also a great ability for patients with any kind of issues, to receive a program that will help prevent falls and allow patients to develop ways to stay on their feet before a fall.

Physical Therapy In Home

It is best to get an in-home assessment to identify potential risk factors in any senior home environment. Suggestions can be made to anyone’s living quarters to reduce risk of injury. Therapists can also recommend changes that will making performing casual, needed tasks easier, thus speeding recovery time. The goal is become more active and independent in less time.

Physical therapists are called movement experts, who partner with your physician to improve quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education. Therapists treat individual patients at all stages of life, from newborn to end stage of life who have injuries or any other health concern. They first examine then develop a personalized, individual plan to map out the road to recovery. They have specific fitness goals to promote a more active lifestyle.

Promote A More Active Lifestyle

By promoting a more active lifestyle, most are able to help put cognitive issues at bay and insure independent living for much longer. The coronavirus pandemic has hospitalized many people for long periods of time and they need help to regain their strength to get back to the life they had before being so sick.

The bottom line is that you do not have to be recovering from an injury. Physical therapy has benefits for most elderly, adjusting to the aging process before a negative effect impacts their life. The good thing is most Medicare policies pay for therapy under physicians’ advice. At Goldleaf Home Health our services for adults and seniors include short-term nursing, rehabilitative, therapeutic and assistive care. These rehabilitative services include Physical Therapists who are trained to assist with therapeutic exercises to regain strength, balance, and improve muscle function and Occupational Therapists who help with Improving motor skills and becoming more independent with self-care activities.

All if this is combined with commitment to one unique philosophy. Our clients and their families deserve home health care with compassion, communication, integrity, and grace. If you, a family member, or friend needs care, we are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.