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September is healthy aging month, time to think about making some changes in your life. This 2020 pandemic has thrown us a curve but it’s about time to bend a bit. We have all grown into our safe comfort zone and we hear what’s going one around us, but the time has come to reinvent your life, reform your thinking and get the old body moving.

We need to focus on the word “Positive”. Make it mean something, be it positive outlook, lifestyle changes or eating healthier. There are many aspects of aging that need to be focused on, in consideration there growing numbers of people 65 years and older in the United States with numbers increasing each year. This year it is a good reason to evaluate where you stand and make some positive changes for your health.

Where do you start? Well, walking is free, and can be performed at whatever time suits you, says an article from Silver Sneakers.

Harvard Medical School did a study of elderly adults that promoted restarting your engine if you’re over 70. No single group of exercises for seniors has been actually be designed, probably because there isn’t a fitness standard specifically for people over age 70 but promoting moving and stretching is a good place to begin. There are even things we can do in alone, chair exercises or small weight lifting. These movements are essential for aging well, so move a muscle, it can add to your longevity.

It’s Never Too Late

Phrases like “over the hill” have instilled the idea that after a certain age we lose control over our minds and bodies. But it is never too late to take control and leave the stereotypes and the negative aspects of aging behind. So, today we are not going to touch on negative aspects of aging, we all know those too well. Let’s talk about lively, vibrant changes that will keep your heart smiling and keep you on the right track.

A landmark study published in 1994 by Harvard and Tufts researchers discovered that many functional losses could be reversed. They aimed towards even the frailest and oldest women. One hundred nursing-home residents, from ages 72 to 98, performed resistance exercises three times a week for 10 weeks. The study concluded the exercise group could lift significantly more weight, climb more stairs, and walk faster and farther than their sedentary counterparts. The study group was able to build more muscle and strength. This was groundbreaking at the time, and many programs were later designed around this cocept.

Smiling Works

Start out specifically by ditching negative thoughts, keep arm’s length from those who are consistently complaining. Smile more and try to surround yourself with people who keep a positive outlook on life. Social and mental fitness are the foundation for many physical programs. So, being “up” has a way of keeping you moving in a positive direction. Make an effort to talk about one positive thing every day.

Healthy Aging Works

It might be time to suggest taking up a hobby, learn something new to add to your repertoire such as woodworking or painting. You might have an artist hidden inside just waiting to break out. Locate that inner artist because music and art have a way of calming the soul and gathering some sense out of living. Keep in touch with younger people, in conversation they can teach you something new and broaden your insights into new trends. And by all means, keep abreast of technology, it keeps your brain fresh and adds enjoyment when being faced with a blank cellphone screen or a frozen computer. Take a class, online if you must, Zoom visit with your family members, just stay in touch. It matters!

As you proceed on that journey of re-inventing yourself remember to NOT act your age, share in giddiness, be delighted and amused at silliness. Allow yourself an insightful inner smile every so often, you deserve it. Figure out a way to exercise, stretching or yoga, walking tall and keeping vibrant, that’s the answer to age gracefully healthy. We at GoldLeaf Care can help you get started on your journey.