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This coronavirus has brought changes in the ways we interact and spread joy. Everyone is experiencing fatigue during this time of isolation of loved ones, the sick, the elderly, the compromised patient. We are discovering that the simplest actions and gestures of love, bring tears to our eyes. We crave human interaction, especially those who are recovering from illness or surgery. So how do we fight back and spread some much-needed joy during these trying times? Remotely, is the answer.

Joy in Music

Most people of all ages find joy in listening to music, it seems to calm the soul. In past years groups made the rounds of nursing homes singing joyous Christmas carols to the residents. Since that’s not possible anymore doing remote visits via Zoom or pre-recorded sessions might be the answer. Sending card, e-cards are even better where you can order online and have it sent hard copy to a recipient. Sending flowers might be another way to spread some joy, hope and happiness.

Residents around the world have discovered solo acts of inspiration have uplifted others less healthy or less fortunate. In some neighborhoods leaving baskets of groceries or fruit or dinners, have sustained those who require some assistance. Families are hosting “Virtual Friendsgiving” events where they can join and share, pivoting traditions to make them appear more normal. Sharing traditional holiday meals is a tradition we have always taken for granted.

Start New Traditions

Notes of thanks, or anything relevant to the present, would be a good way to put together a time capsule to open and enjoy the following year. It would be interesting to see the changes made from year to year and reflect on the last years thoughts. Maybe share some home movies or photos, even recipes, virtually, with shut-ins. Any and all methods of reaching out with virtual hugs is greatly appreciated by all.

A Unique Thanksgiving

Every year families flock to the TV for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but this year is unique and calls for drastic adjustments. Macys announced that 2020 parade will be a television-only special presentation without the crowds or traditional parade route. Some special elements will remain, but this only reiterates the fact that 2020 has brought Covid19 to the world.

In order to keep spirits light, we need to make changes in all of our traditional ways of celebrating. In the midst of it all do not forget our elderly, our immune compromised, our surgical and medical patients. Think of ways to provide virtual hugs to lift their spirits during this season of giving. In last years November blog before the holidays we touched on making a holiday you are capable of celebrating.

We cannot cancel the dates these holidays fall on, but we can acknowledge times have changed, and joy can be packaged in a new box.