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The healthcare challenges of 2020-it has been a year like no other. We dealt with it, we coped, we managed, but it changed many things that were comfortably in place for many years prior. Industries prospered or tumbled; radical changes came to hospitality service businesses. Nursing homes have been in desperate chaos and healthcare has struggled to adjust their offerings to meet immediate challenges head-on.

An aging population is bracing for more adjustments, we had just become comfortable in what we knew from our past. A huge consideration today is the rising tide of healthcare costs and many people suffering with illnesses without any insurance.

Labor Shortages and Challenges Facing Healthcare

The healthcare sector faces labor and skills shortages, with increased demand for home care and the need to invest in new technologies. This with ever increasing numbers of chronic diseases and exploding senior population. This situation is also tied into drug costs that have sky rocketed and out of reach of some patients. Although it is possible the pandemic will be a chance for the pharmaceutical industry to rehab its reputation and showcase their research and development capabilities.

Flipped Our Thinking

This year has flipped modern day thinking about assisted living or nursing facilities due to the problems Covid 19 brought to the industry. Many people have switched gears and are thinking more about home healthcare and the industry has reached out to ensure they have ample professionals to fill the needs of patients. All in all, this pandemic has led to rapid changes that have moved us to embrace technology, keeping seniors and home bound patients connected. We cannot foresee the future of senior living but we know we can adapt to whatever changes are presented.

Digital Education For Seniors

So, we need to consider digital inclusion and ways to educate our senior population so they can ease into the tech world. If aging in place has become the answer for all of us, we need to embrace technology options that will make our lives safer, enlightened and more connected.

Now, more than ever food stores have adapted and upgraded services to help with curbside pickups and in-home deliveries. These are options that were in view but never needed to be used by so many customers. This can be a helpful way for those who are homebound for illness, chronic conditions or quarantined, can still have food delivered to their home. So, each new challenge was offered an opportunity that took advantage of technology and tools for solutions.

A Battered System

There is a consensus that there should be an increase in the healthcare workforce to assist in the care of more and more people. Considerations have been put forth to allow nonphysicians, like nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to play a bigger role in care. The coronavirus pandemic has placed immense pressure on emergency rooms and intensive care units. This has highlighted the tremendous role that nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants play.

The system has been battered by the pandemic and hopes are high that they can emerge stronger in the year ahead. Hospitals and doctors have met challenges such as profitably. They have fought to combine virtual and in-person care, while capitalizing on new consumer digital health tools.

Our new existence? There are no answers now as we continue to adapt and change. But the future looks like there will be a huge emphasis on getting healthy and working on keeping healthy as long as possible. At GoldLeaf Home Health, we are always here for anyone who requires home care, revolutionizing the industry to provide greater individual independence and quality of life for all ages.