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In home cardiac rehab is personalized and geared for full recovery. If you or someone you love are recovering from a cardiac procedure like an angioplasty and stent placement, you know how important it is to recover in the comfort of your own home. Cardiac rehab is an important part of the heart health recovery puzzle.

Cardiac Rehab in Your Home

Evidence shows that home rehab works wonders, when working with a doctor who has coordinated an overall treatment plan to pave the quickest road to recovery. It is reassuring to families and loved ones to know the patient is in good hands and will quickly transition to resume regular activities in a timely manner.

Cardiac rehab covers a huge spectrum, exercise, food, stress levels and any other lifestyle choices that can disrupt the path to a healthier future. It takes a strong team effort of in-home specialists that will help with specific exercises targeted to make the heart healthier. They will work as a team together to help the patient understand the medication prescribed and how to properly take it. A big plus is that they are in a position to help each individual deal honestly with a stressful health event.

Learn Self-Care

Education that focuses on meds, foods and how to achieve a healthier lifestyle, are an important step to self-care. Because it is important to recover at home, education is a big factor. Together knowledge and self-care often results in fewer hospital visits and a better outcome in the long run. In home caregivers are able to assist in locating community services that would be supportive for future needs. Counseling can help comfort, and guide the patient towards a healthier mental outlook.

In home care also provides skilled nurses who can collect vitals, such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels. They can assess the diet and track the speed of recovery. If there are other health issues, involved, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, they can also help the patient cope with the management of those health issues.

A Professional on Your Side

GoldLeaf Medical Care providers are highly trained, licensed nursing professionals. Each nurse or LPN on their team have several years of clinical experience beyond their stringent nursing degrees. GoldLeaf then goes even beyond that, requiring in-home care training so medical providers understand the loving culture that embodies all care they offer – on every level, every visit.

Whether there is a need for a home health aide or registered nurse, their care team is made up of warm and caring men and women who have dedicated their lives to providing the best in medical care while also often becoming the clients’ trusted friends. Our in-home care team offers a wide spectrum of medical in-home care services from hourly CNA rates to live-in nursing care and everything in between!

A heart health program covers any and all ways to keep your heart strong. Coordinated team effort, patient, doctor and in-home caregivers will be able to form an alliance with full recovery as the goal. They also can help ensure a good night’s rest without any stress factors. Team effort never got better!

*February is American Heart Month in 2021. It is a time when everyone should focus on their cardiovascular health.