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We are all caught up with thinking about our health, and home health seems to be a popular choice for many of us.

“Data are making the health care journey more personal by addressing social determinants of health, but they are also revealing important insights about how and where older Americans want to receive care. Surveys revealed that 80 percent of older Americans prefer getting care in their homes.”

This in an article published in the Boston Globe by Heather Cox and updated September 6, 2021. The article follows with….“However, a major challenge remains: making all the disparate parts of such a system— including health determinants like food and housing — work together. To solve that puzzle would be to identify a new way forward for the world’s aging populations. The good news is that the solutions are getting closer each day.”

Goldleaf Home Health also highlighted this stance in a blog from January 6, 2021 where we discussed the challenges faced by the battered healthcare system today. “An aging population is bracing for more adjustments; we had just become comfortable in what we knew from our past. A huge consideration today is the rising tide of healthcare costs and many people suffering with illnesses without any insurance.”

From Colorado Springs, KKTV discussed how “At-home health care exploded during the pandemic, and experts say the growth is expected to last. Definitely beyond COVID, there’s an increase in interest to get that kind of medical care, right at home,” said Dan Pierson, regional director for Denver-based home health care provider DispatchHealth. The numbers back the trend. According to Forbes, the U.S. home health care industry is expected to be worth $225 billion by 2024, compared to $100 billion in 2016.”

In Newsweek, this year, they talked about home health, “The home care industry is one of the fastest-growing health care sectors in the United States as more and more patients realize the benefits of at-home care. In 2021, this trend is driven mainly by the COVID-19 pandemic and an increasing number of chronic health issues in the population.”

No Place Like Home

Home healthcare options will continue to explode in the coming decade due to the increasing number of chronic health issues in the U.S. population. A 2018 AARP survey of adults shows that 3 out of 4 adults age 50 and older want to stay in their homes and communities as they age. How can you go wrong with that choice? You are way more comfortable in your home, and have community support. It also provides connection to your past.

It’s important to plan ahead but the first step is to consider possible future health needs. Take a hard look at your present level of health issues you face today, and how chronic conditions might go on to become more challenging over the years.

CBS Denver has put together a comprehensive list of valuable sources for anyone considering ageing in place.
GoldLeaf Home Health has compiled a list of warning signs to pay attention to, then determine if your loved one is in urgent need for help at home. Check out the warning signals here. After reviewing these possible signs that a loved one might require extra care and support, know that GoldLeaf can provide a free assessment at any time. Call at 720.763.9039 or email us at [email protected]. We are there for you and are 100% dedicated to making decisions at GoldLeaf that benefit our clients and our employees, not some dis-attached parent company.

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