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We all hope to live longer, but living longer BETTER is the real goal. We strive to keep our health in good shape for as long as possible. And we can do it, by adopting habits that will prolong robust life extending results. Johns Hopkins Medicine study on aging well, published four factors we should adopt, all within our control.

The four most important factors to living better longer include abstaining from smoking, to maintain a healthy weight, make healthy food a number one choice, and most importantly, get up and move. Just trying to hit these target smart behaviors reduced the chance of early death for most 80-year-olds a whopping 80%.

What is Aging All About?

Aging is universal and complex. What do we consider “old age”? We all know it is subjective and flexible, such as believing 70 is the new 60. We have many different expectations, and are confronted with increased challenges as more of our generation, globally, ages. What we have is an opportunity to reshape a view of advanced life and longevity.

Aging well is not so much the absence of illness, but meaningful work and positive relationships, psychological well-being and overall quality of life. Good health is a huge asset and the main goal is to pro-actively handle whatever health issues arise in a prudent manner to live better, for longer.

Science Based Habits For Living Better

Yes, genes play a role, but lifestyle and diet are key habits. Healthline published an article naming 13 habits linked by science, to a longer life. Number 1 is to avoid overeating as a 10-50% lower intake of calories increases maximum lifestyle while lowering the likelihood of disease. So now arises the question if whether eating less calories slows aging? That question may be answered in the next decade.

Your calorie intake should include more plant-based foods in the diet as studies report lower risk of dying from cancer or heart, kidney, or hormone-related diseases.

Along with not smoking and limiting alcohol intake, prioritize happiness, and strive to avoid chronic stress and anxiety. Maintaining a healthy social network also helps you live 50% longer. And, sleep is a magic word and a healthy sleep routine that includes 7-8 hours of sleep each night helps all of us live a healthier more vibrant life.

Longevity may be our of everyone’s control but embracing some of these habits may put you on that journey to a longer, better life and GoldLeaf Home Health is here to help guide you through some short term health crisis that may arise as you journey the path to wellness.

Remember to do as George Burns quoted, “You can’t help getting older but you don’t have to get old.”