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Have you planned or prepared to “age in place”? The consensus of those over 50 agree that it is important that they remain in their home and comfortable surroundings as they age. It is never to late to think about it and create solutions to problems that may arise and help you to continue to live independently.

Even though immediate needs might change health wise, the first step is to think about what services you might need. If you live alone your needs are very different from someone who lives with spouse or family. Obviously, every situation is unique.

Discuss Options

Discuss with your physician the different chronic problems you are dealing with and understand how these present health issues can impact your future living. Then you can search available resources to determine if the support you might need would be accessible in your city, county, state.

Aging In Place was created to help people make the best decisions about how to keep themselves or a loved one in their home as they age. Their website is a wealth of information that provides tips for not only the best hearing aids on the market to home modification needs.

You shouldn’t have to figure it all out on your own. is here to make it easier, more affordable, and more fun to age at home. They acknowledge that there is no one way only to age in place as everyone’s needs are different. But their website can provide a wealth of information and is a good starting point.

In an article from Science Daily, Preeti Malani, U-M Medical School infectious disease professor also trained in geriatrics, said that older adults should explore with their health care providers and local social service agencies the kinds of support available to them, and talk with loved ones about their goals.

“Taking steps to understand what’s available in the community, through the national Eldercare Locator, the Area Agency on Aging that serves your region, nonprofit organizations and other sources could help older adults be more prepared,” she said.
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The Information is Out There!

US Aging provides information on many of the services needed from your local Area Agency on Aging, local and state offices on aging or social services, tribal organization, or nearby senior center.

They outline necessary services for personal care, household chores, meals provided, money management and healthcare. GoldLeaf Home Health provides many of services that ensures that all clients are able to live safely at home and participate in their communities with comfort and independence. GoldLeaf Care Partners are compassionate and honest in-home care professionals who are thoroughly screened, insured, and qualified to provide care to seniors.

If you live in the Denver Colorado area GoldLeaf Home Health is able to coordinate necessary services such as:
Companion Care
Mobile Care
Homemaker Services
Personal Care
Medical Services Includes:
Skilled Nursing
Certified Nurses Aid
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Social Work
The National Institute on Aging has outlined ways to form a plan of action for yourself or your loved ones. They also provide information on how to be prepared for a medical emergency, “If you were to suddenly become sick and unable to speak for yourself, you probably would want someone who knows you well to decide on your medical care. To make sure this happens, think about giving someone you trust permission to discuss your health care with your doctor and make necessary decisions. Learn about health care advance directives. Talk with your doctor about whether you should get a medical alert ID bracelet or necklace.

Think about this now, talk about it with your loved ones. Reach out to people you know and trust, talk to geriatric care managers and look at programs provided from local and federal governments. There are many options out there and help is available. from the Administration for Community Living, is a good place to start getting some ideas together and gathering resources.

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