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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Senior Care in Denver

Each October and November, many people begin to experience winter-onset seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Shorter days and colder temperatures can lead to what many think of as the winter blues, a short-term change of mood. For many people, however, the changing seasons have a real, physical impact. Eran Metzger, MD, explains, “SAD is caused by reduced levels of […]

Essential Human Needs and the Benefits of Companion Care

When a family member suffers a decline in physical health or impairment in physical ability the focus of treatment primarily centers on restoring the body to a healthier state or the managing of symptoms. Even the most well intentioned health professional may not have the foresight or time to address and treat any mental health issues which […]

Denver Senior Living: Tips for Eating Well

After 50, it’s especially important to pay attention to nutrition to maximize health. A healthy diet can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and boost the immune system–all vital during the senior years. In addition, seniors may experience a decrease in appetite as they get older, and they tend to need fewer calories over all, making it necessary […]

What activities are good for seniors that have Alzheimer’s?

Do you know any seniors that have Alzheimer’s? This condition is very daunting for those that have Alzheimer’s and their loved ones. It may be difficult to discover activities you can do together. Patience and understanding are two things that will help you. Here is a list of activities that can be stimulating and engaging to a senior with Alzheimer’s. 

Maintain Their Way Of Life

Everybody has their own routines.  Home care allows your loved ones to keep some of their routines they have had for so long. Breaking some of their routines and changing everything in their life may cause depression.

Comfort In Their Own Home

This is probably the most important factor with home care. Making your mom or dad move into a senior healthcare facility can make it even worse. Keeping your loved ones close will not only help them but it will also help you. It gives us peace of mind that they are in their own home […]