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Child Care

Meet the “GoldNanny”!

Working parents or those with a need for child care before and after school, find assurance and peace of mind with us.

Professional child home care at home is an important and growing trend as an alternative to untrained babysitters, live-in nanny services or childcare facilities. Flexibility, professional skills, safety training, reliability, affordable cost, child comfort at home are all significant advantages to licensed, in-home childcare. Meet your own “GoldNanny”! Our certified, trained and insured child carepartners are fondly called our “GoldNannies”. If a parent is trying to get both their husband/wife, their two kids AND themselves ready for the day it can be terribly stressful. Everyone feels that stress. Enter GoldNanny! He/She arrives early in the morning, dresses and feeds the children, cleans the kitchen, maybe gets the kids playing some games or reading a book quietly in the living room. Mom & Dad now can tend to their day knowing their children are not only ready for the day & properly cared for, but are learning something, having fun and most importantly, are safe! If the parent is running late at the end of the day, they know they have the GoldNanny to pick them up from school or another event, and bring them home and provide all their needs there, safe and secure. Upon arriving home, parents can expect to enjoy their family time and have a relaxing evening.

Benefits of Childcare at Home

Parents and Providers Can Work as a Team

Parents often get to know their child’s providers personally. After all, they are in their home and are entrusting their kids to them! Because of this, parents and providers can develop strong relationships in teaming together to successfully raise the children. Issues such as food choices, potty training, behaviors (good and bad), socialization, and early education can be resolved through mutually beneficial communication. Our Goldnannies are trained on various trends and techniques for helping parents work with their kids through those various phases of child-rearing and can often be a helpful ear, voice or hand! GoldNannies are careful to ask & learn specific parental rules, disciplines, styles and tendencies so they can mirror them as best they can.

GoldNannies Often Have Strong Childcare Networks

Many family providers develop a strong network of other in-home educators and childcare providers. State and national associations offer training and support, and local providers get together to brainstorm and exchange best practices about activities, challenges, and ways to enhance care services to kids. This is good news for parents, who are on the receiving end of up-to date advice and ideas. Another plus is that GoldLeaf always has a back-up plan in the unlikely event the GoldNanny becomes ill or has to cancel one day, another trained GoldNanny is available to provide care on a short-term basis and gets briefed on the childcare plan prior to arrival.

While most childcare workers receive some training, parents typically are most comfortable with experienced providers who have received extensive, ongoing training. This is what you can expect from GoldLeaf and our team of GoldNannies.

Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.

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