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Family Care Partnership

Are you one of 70 million Americans who provide unpaid caregiving for a family member or friend?

We are Medicare & Medicaid certified and also proudly accept commercial insurances and work comp plans for skilled home healthcare needs.

Most caregiving starts out as a labor of love, but it can quickly grow into an expensive, exhausting obligation. In these economically volatile times, caregivers are struggling with heavy financial responsibilities, especially if they’ve had to quit their jobs to provide ongoing care for a loved one. GoldLeaf has created a completely unique, revolutionary program that allows many family caregivers to get paid for their time and care! GoldLeaf’s CarePartnership Program allows for the parent, spouse, child or friend acting as a caregiver for a family member or loved one, to gain eligibility to get compensated for your time spent in direct care of your loved one! Sometimes this means simply reducing the cost to the recipient for receiving quality care. To learn more about how you might become eligible to participate in our GoldLeaf CarePartnership Program, please contact us today.

How else can I pay for home care services?

In addition to our CarePartnership Program, here are some other examples situations where specific benefits may be used to reduce or pay for the cost of home care services:

Veterans’ benefits

A law passed in 2010 providing a monthly payment to primary caregivers of veterans injured in military conflict after 9/11. Other benefits to caregivers include travel expenses, access to healthcare insurance, mental health services and respite care of 30 days/year. Caregivers of veterans of other wars may be eligible for the VA’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit. In addition, some state programs are specially designated for veterans.

Long-term care insurance

If your family member has long-term care insurance, it may cover home care expenses. Some policies permit family members to be paid, although they often exclude people living in the same household. Ask your family member’s insurance agent to explain this benefit and its conditions, or we are happy to review your coverage during our free assessment with you.

Some Life insurance policies

Some Life policies offer various durations of home care services, though most are quite short term or offer limited hours for such care, and the conditions for eligibility for home care vary widely. Again, we are happy to review your policies during an in-home assessment to determine what you or your loved one may be able to pay for through your insurance.

GoldLeaf Caregiver contracts

If none of these options apply to you, all is not lost, especially if the person you are caring for has some savings or other assets. For example, a parent may be willing to work out a caregiver contract and pay a son or daughter for the care he or she provides. GoldLeaf partners with various elder care lawyers to make sure that the contract meets tax requirements, deals.


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