Caregivers, Coupling, Community

By hiring the very best caregivers and treating them with uncommon respect, trust and love, we believe they will offer the same to our clients.
Caregivers – This may be our most pronounced difference – we only hire the very best caregivers! How can we do this & make this claim? Simple really. We offer them more – more support, more training, more compensation, more benefits, more love.

Coupling – we strive to match every client with a single caregiver (to the extent possible) so they can develop a deeper, trusting relationship. No more revolving door of new people filling an added “shift”.

Community – It’s a fact that Americans are living longer than ever before. However, we don’t believe they are always living better! We are unique in our desire to help clients re-connect with their community, as they define it and as they desire it! We have developed our own methods for helping seniors realize they aren’t finished yet- they still have much to offer us all!